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Experience the wonders that lie beneath the surface! Journey into the depths of Great Britain and Ireland with ABIS and explore an array of mesmerizing show caves. Our member sites welcome the public, offering captivating tours and more, guiding you into another world of natural splendor.

Explore the intricate network of show caves and passages scattered throughout Britain and Ireland. Discover breathtaking rock formations, meandering rivers, serene lakes, majestic caverns, and enchanting waterfalls in some of the world’s most extraordinary geological and archaeological sites.


Rest assured, all show caves and geological sites featured on this site are committed to environmental preservation and ensuring safe access for visitors and study groups alike. 

Immerse yourself in the beauty of these outstanding natural wonders and uncover the hidden history that exists beneath the earth’s surface. Come, delve into a world of wonder and intrigue.

Visit our members show caves..

Our mission goes beyond just protecting the underground environment; we also aim to ensure that visitors thoroughly enjoy their underground experience.  Dive into the depths of Britain and Ireland’s underworld. Discover the wonders of our show caves, learn about their unique geological formations, and uncover the hidden history that lies beneath.

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